Making your home a little cool or smarter should be on top of your resolution list 2019. It is not only fancy to have a smartphone, but it is also an excellent way of enhancing safety in your home. Furthermore, it helps you to run your daily chores more efficiently. Smart home devices come in handy ranging from lighting systems to security devices. This means that the smart home devices industry is growing year in year out. Some of the best smart home gadgets 2017 are still relevant while others are not. In this light, it is wise that you keep up with the latest trends for 2019.

A point to note is that is there is no limit to choosing smart home systems for your home. You only need to define your needs and settle for products that match your exact needs. Most importantly, consider smart ecosystem units because the world is going green. As a result, you need a device that will help you to play and blend well with the ecosystem.

With an idea of what is a smart home, you should be keen when purchasing your smart gadgets. Consider products from top brands such as Amazon and Apple among other related dealers. This is because they provide modern, efficient and quality smart home devices UK that will match the exact needs of your home.

Some of the best smart home technology products you should consider include:

1. Best smart speakers

smart speakers

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Smart speakers are essential not only for music, but mostly because they can be connected to a wide range of devices in your home. The speakers are available in a wide array and you can consider top models such as Amazon echo since it can be connected to thermostat lighting.

Smart speakers come with a voice-controlled assistant that makes it easy for you to control different aspects in your house. It also comes with inbuilt apps that enhance its functionality. Other models come with an inbuilt assistant where you can add to do list through the device.

2. Thermostat or temperature control

A thermostat is also a device that you should never ignore. It comes with sensors that will instantly adjust temperatures to away settings whenever you are not at home. It is important in energy conservation. With this home technology, you can also efficiently control different temperatures in every room at the comfort of your chair.

3. Lighting control and bulbs

Having a smart home technology for your lighting is very convenient. This means even if you get home late, you won’t stumble as you try to reach out for the switch. Lighting control and lighting are smart home products that are specifically designed to create the perfect ambiance in each room. They are available in different colors and a motion detection system for more convenience when lighting your home.

4. Security and safety smart home gadgets

smart home devices

The safety of your home and that of your valued property is paramount even as 2019 draws closer. You need the best safety and security smart gadgets for carbon dioxide and smoke detection. Today, you will find a wide array of these products that are highly advanced to keep your home safe.

There are security models that come with high tech cameras. This allows you to see who could be knocking at the door. As a result, you can monitor all activities on your premise even in your absence. Therefore, if you are tired of carrying your house keys everywhere, you need to embrace these cool home gadgets and install a smart lock for more convenience.

5. Smart plugs

Smart plugs are also a must-have best smart home devices. They are the simplest to use when it comes to best home automation systems. You will find a wide range of smart plugs in the market to control all the devices that you plug into the system. This is because they allow you to operate your gadgets while adding a touch of smart control over them.

6. Smart home helpers

Cleaning can be a crazy chore if you do not like the whole idea of being busy on a weekend. However, with advanced technologies, cleaning should no longer be a dreadful task for you. You can always purchase a customized robot cleaner to save you the hassle. It is one of the best and cool house gadgets that can clean your home efficiently even if you have pets around.

Apart from cleaning helpers, you can also purchase a smart home technology system that enables you to keep garden green. There are devices to help you water your plants as well as high tech robot lawnmowers. Such cool tech gadgets for home are exceptional as they enhance your cleaning tasks, saves you money and time.

7. Smartphone hub

A smartphone is an equally important device for your home. It allows you to achieve control of your best smart home system effortlessly. The Samsung SmartThings hub is a modern hub and it is highly functional. With the hub, you can control different smart devices without necessarily plugging in the device to your Wi-Fi router. It connects to all smart devices, therefore, making your operations seamless.

8. Garage opener

garage opener

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A garage opener is also one of the most convenient best home automation system that allows you to navigate through your garage safely. It can be hard and dangerous trying to access a garage that is not well lit. Therefore, with the gadget, you can safely open your garage door by simply tapping the screen on your smart home phone gadget.

The house technology device is highly advanced, reliable and it comes with amazing capabilities to help you to drive and park safely. Once you are sure that your car is safely parked, you can close the garage using the device. However, you need to find the best garage door opener smart home technology UK to enjoy efficient and reliable operations.

9. Smart cooker

You can also make your cooking experience more pleasurable by investing in smart home appliances 2019. A smart cooker uses hot water to cook your food under precise temperatures. It is an impressive cookware as it retains all the nutrients of your food. Therefore, if you love juicy chicken and tasty rare steak, this is one of the smart home ideas to explore.

You can also invest in a quality and modern coffee maker. This is one of the best home gadgets 2017 than has risen in popularity through 2018. It will remain relevant in 2019 bearing in mind that there are advanced models that will perfectly match your preferences. The coffee maker comes with apps for IOS and Android hence making it an ideal cool home automation ideas device.

10. Smart carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide can lead to death. You can prevent the health risks associated with carbon monoxide by getting a smart home kit with a detector. It detects smoke and it alerts you in the event of carbon monoxide presence in your home. The detector is also a very reliable best smart home gadget because it can pick fast burning and slow burning fires.

Most automation gadgets designed for carbon monoxide detection operate efficiently and will also indicate where the fire is located. What’s more, you can always link it with other Wi-Fi gadgets in your home for more efficiency. By connecting the best smart home system UK with the detector, you can call for help in the event of an emergency and prevent fatalities.

11. Door camera –Nest Hello

A door camera should not miss in your must-have home gadgets 2019. It comes with a high-quality video doorbell camera, speaker and a microphone. For this reason, it has the ability to identify faces and alerts you when someone is on the door. The gadget may need tech house accessories such as hardwired connection to record videos continuously. As a result, it allows you to keep up to date with all the happenings in your home.