Cowboys Builders & Bodge Jobs | Official Building Contractor

CBBJ Press shot 2
As of April 2015, HDS has been privileged enough to be the official building contractor on Channel 5 show “Cowboy Builders & Bodge Jobs.” Our very own Martin Gonzalez has headed up a team that has already completed almost 40 episodes and makeovers up and down the country!

This is really special for us, and it gives us great pride to be able to showcase our work to the world!

The experience has really opened our eyes to some of the awful predicaments homeowners and clients are left with, by getting lumbered with an incompetent builder.

We are very proud that we are given the responsibility to rectify people’s build issues and help move them forward in their lives.

Please follow the links below to see an interview with Martin and the local “Get Reading” newspaper.

Or perhaps you would like to catch up on one of our episodes!

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